What is Elyments App? Things you want to know about this Super-Social Media App

Elyments: India’s First Social Media App

Is Elyment, Really that Secure?

Things You Want to Know About Elyments:

  • India’s first social media app, developed by an Indian company
  • App developer: Sumeru Software solutions, a Bangalore based IT firm.
  • Supported by Art of Living and Developed by thousand plus IT experts
  • Available to download from Google Play and Apple’s App stores
  • User’s privacy is the main focus on this app, as data are hosted on Indian servers
  • Supporting 8 Indian languages
  • Application downloads: 1M+ on Google play store
  • Average ratings: 4.4
  • Expected updates: eCommerce platform facilities and Elyments Pay

Where can you Find “Trending Us”, on Elyments App?

Trending Us On Elyments Hub



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