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Looking for some unique topics for your next presentation?

In this post, you will learn about general topics for your academic presentation. Either in college or school, it is always interesting in giving an awesome presentation on unique subject.

You will learn about a new experience and you will widely famous after your presentation.

We have researched into internet and made your work easier. We have chosen the best of best topics for your presentation.

  • Movie Ratings are Not Accurate
  1. Simple answer- different views. Different people have different views. So we can never relate to one thing. The highest rated film is Shawshank Redemption. Even if you try to show that movie to your mom, she will not like it. Who knows, you may not have even watched the movie. So an enjoyable topic. There is a section of movie review- in English Literature.
  • Television Violence and Children.
  1. In one country of Africa where crime rate was low. Suddenly it spiked and went up. When people identified the reason they found that it was the same time when television was introduced in the country. So children being easily influenced can end up with violence. Data proves.
  • How Much is Too Much Homework?
  1. Even if you are a college student or going to work somewhere- you will get homework. Basically extra work to do. So this topic is relevant for almost everyone even though we think it’s only for school and college. Too much homework is when you don’t even want to start the homework. Simple homework should be good.
  • Help the Environment by Recycling.
  1. In our country, we need this knowledge to spread more and more. Very few people know about recycling. As the people who know are very small as the population of India is very big.
  • Smart City
  1. Under the present Government, we see this plan of making around 20 cities the Smart City of our country. It’s innovative. It’s new. It needs a lot of young minds. Talking about different ideas on how to make an existing city into a smart city.
  • Do books really influence you?
  1. When successful people say that you must read more books to become successful. Not all books influence you. Your Math or History book may not influence you. But a book about economics may influence you. So the more books you discover the better chance of you finding your ideal book.
  • How to Set Goals and Achieve Them?
  1. You may think I am not an expert myself. How can I tell others? Exactly. So tell yourself before the presentation for how many days you are able to set goals and achieve them. And write about your experiences daily and share them like dairy format.
  • Dealing With Adolescent Depression.
  1. Very few people realize this. Adolescents, you know kids around 10–19, tend to get depressed. People simply say do not get depressed but you can’t know. Unless you are there.
  • Robots V/s Humans
  1. Not just like Chitti the Robot. Many people in the past decade have lost jobs because they were replaced by machines. And now many more jobs are going to be replaced. So robots vs humans who prevail. You can show a comparison in your presentation.
  • Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults?
  1. Juveniles are criminals who are minors. So they have less punishments and fines. So one group of people say this is right or else they will be scarred for their entire life. Others say, no, crime is crime whether done by an adult or child. There must be the same and strict punishment. If not, the influential kids will easily escape the punishment.
  • Age Discrimination in the Workplace.
  1. No need to say more. All of us have experienced it. People see the experience rather than talent. Choose this topic and slam all the naysayers that one must respect elders. But you must not become a slave for them.
  • Advantages of the Traditional Nuclear Family
  1. A nuclear family is a couple and their dependent kids. You can tell them the different advantages. Show them a few examples as to how the family can be efficient in this modern time also.
  • Parental Pressure on Child Actors and Athletes
  1. A very different topic. Only the child actors and athletes will know. But everybody would like to know about it. Main point is that with increasing fans and paparazzi- it can become very dangerous. See the handsome boy of Home Alone and how he turned to be now. So Parents need to support them in pursuing their passion and even a kid’s life.
  • Criticism — is it good or bad?
  1. Everyone will criticize. If you take this as your topic, you too will get critics at the end of your presentation. So is it good, only if they do not hate you personally or are jealous of you, right? So criticism is not something we need. But it’s something we always get. Most of the critics are good except for a few who just are the greatest negative people in the world.
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  • Technology Help us or Make us Helpless
  1. It’s a two side of coin. It’s difficult to understand. Technology is like a bad master-good servant thing. It can help us but if we cross the limit. It can be dangerous. So make a presentation on the faint line between the two.
  • Think Life Without Eyes
  1. Means Blind. I have once done this program in school where they make us like blind by covering our eyes. And things happened. I got hit multiple times and I didn’t complete the challenge. You can do a live demonstration in your presentations. It will pop everyone’s eyes out.
  • Are we Happier than the previous generations?
  1. This is a famous topic. Are we happy with all this technological advancement or are we just becoming miserable. Reports show Depression increasing. So we are not exactly fully happy. Yet we want to believe in that truth. This is one side of it. Present both sides and let the audience choose the answer.
  • A World Without Soldier & Weapons/ Wars
  1. We may think of a peaceful world, right? Only problem is people must also be so. It will be interesting to imagine. Let us think how it was before early man didn’t create weapons. It will be peaceful. Yet we are not sure as to how this will happen.
  • Is global warming only a myth?
  1. Title may be misleading. But we know the truth. Such titles are there to get audience attention. Then we can talk about what a normal citizen can do to save the world. From Global warming. There are many things.
  • How to Reach Your Personal Goals.
  1. Everyone loves this topic. And the only way to reach our goal is if you really like it. If you love to keep your body in your best shape. You just need to have a serious reason.Certainly, this one is quite unique presentation topics, But it is something that worth a try for leaving a decent impression.
  • Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
  1. Very shameful of those people. This is an eye opening topic that people will immediately want to hear how to solve this problem. Not just being brave against such people. But bringing a very strict law against those. You can present that.
  • Does religion actually divide us?
  1. Whoa! Kinda yes. Indeed, a controversial topic to present your ideas upon . We see it in our country. People don’t realize that deep down they are just humans. You can present about what happened in the past and what is the future of all these things.
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  3. Here sharing unique topics for presentation, are certainly are not usual that most of your classmates are preparing. Due to the new subject and unique aspects, you can make your presentation stand-out.
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