These 5 Plants for Your Bedroom Will Help You Sleep Better

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4 min readApr 3, 2019


Have you ever gone to bed knowing that it will be a battle for you to get sleep? It always leaves you very depressed and many questions cloud your mind.

‘Plants for Sleep Better’ can be a solution to the sleeping disorder you have. As you will see later on, there are specific plants that researchers have found to be good for your sleeping time.

An ideal way of making your home look attractive is by taking in plants into your house. They usually make the house look more beautiful and attractive. Plants are associated with great health benefits in our bodily systems ranging from curative to dealing with sleeping disorders.

The following are plants that can help you get to sleep, so you ‘better sleep tonight’.

  • Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera discharges a lot of oxygen at night which in turn boosts the air ventilation in your homemaking, so the respiratory system has no challenges during this time. The body feels restful with a good supply of oxygen contributing to good night sleep.

It can also kill dirtying synthetic concoctions found in your room, therefore, sanitizing your air all over the home.

Aloe Vera gel found in its leaves is used to treat bites from insects, burns and also rough skin. When it comes to its maintenance the plant only requires low amounts of water since leaves act as a storage of water.

  • Jasmine

Apart from its breathe taking scent, this plant aids the reduction of anxiousness due to its healing features and with the impact of less anxiety comes more sleep.

The plant also gives you a bonus of soothing your mind which leads to less stress and worries contributing to sleep of high quality. The best part is that with this kind of sleep, you will be in alert and in a joyous mood the next day.

  • Snake plant.

This plant is one of the best plants that is recommended globally to put in your room because of its unforgiving feature of releasing a larger quantity of oxygen. It sorts of sanitizes your air making it good for your respiratory system during the night.

When it releases oxygen in the air it also takes in the same amount of carbon (IV) oxide from the air, so this results in a very clean air important for sleep.

The plant also destroys formaldehyde commonly found in hairsprays and other dangerous chemicals such as benzene, xylene among others that can be found in the air. The ‘Mother-in-law’ plant as it is commonly known is a plant that you cannot ignore to have around home.

  • English Ivy

This is a plant that has a high growth rate and it is always at the forefront when it puts its features of cleaning the air at work. Studies have shown that it consumes dangerous and harmful air from the environment exchanging it with clean oxygen.

It also has health benefits such as reducing the effects of ailments such as asthma which affect sleep at night. Researchers have also proved that the English Ivy detoxifies the air from molds by a bigger percentage making the breathing process less complicated especially during at night. This plant is with no doubt the best to have in the sleeping room and entirely your home.

  • The Lavender plant

The undeniable sweet smell of this plant brings about a relaxing feeling to anyone who comes across tithe plant also reduces anxiety levels and sorts of triggers the body to immediate sleep. Some studies have also shown that the lavender oil also helps you calm down during stressful situations. This plant has some characteristics of bringing down the level of heart rate and hypertension.

To the mothers it is a must-have since the scent of Lavender according to researchers usually gives the baby huge amounts of sleep therefore reducing baby cries in the house while the mother remains stress — free.

Its impact is greater for women than men since it decreases eye movement and increases light sleep. Also as used in making cleaning detergents, Lavender is a plant that every home should have.

By improving the pattern of your sleep and other health benefits the above plants are ‘a must have’ in your home. Set up a garden with a mixture of these plants and enjoy the positive impact of clean air you gain from them.

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