Shopping Trends by the Generation

The competitive consumer market began developing in the 21st century, when advertisers began to use digital technology to promote their products. However, advertisements are effective only through the skilled use of media and if they’re based on public knowledge. That’s why there are advertising agencies that base their strategies on research into consumer behavior and demographic analysis of the target area. Those strategies depend on advertising messages and proper schedule and placement in the media, as they’re targeting certain social groups. Different generations have shaped their own shopping trends, so popular brands have developed different means to appeal to them. Here we will take a look at every generation’s shopping habits and how to cater to their needs.

Gen Z


Gen X

Baby boomers

The Silents

Every generation has its own lifestyles and shopping habits. More than their age, you should focus on their behavior, as they are all different despite belonging to the same generation. That’s the best way if you want to reach them effectively.

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