Monitor vs. TV — What’s Better for Your Gaming Experience

If there’s one thing that we can learn from people’s obsession with smartphones, it is the fact that people just love multi-purpose devices. The same thing goes for two-in-one laptops that are getting more and more popular every year. However, is a multi-purpose device always the best answer? Nowhere is this question as relevant as when it comes to the issue of gaming. So, the question that we have to ask is –can a multi-purpose device like a TV really be as good as specialized gaming peripherals like a monitor? Let’s find out.

On average, TVs are bigger

Resolution and use


Ideally, you would be able to test this device in practice but, seeing as how this would usually imply that you have to buy it first, it’s probably a lot safer for you to find a device review/comparison video on YouTube. While this is not 100 percent reliable, by watching several of these videos you’re increasing the likelihood of getting an accurate estimate.

Split-screen multiplayer

Additional features

The last thing you need to keep in mind that there’s innovation in both of these fields and that both TVs and monitors have a difficult job keeping up both with each other and with new GPUs in the market. Fortunately, with the concept of multi-screen setups becoming more and more popular, perhaps the best choice for you is not choosing at all.

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