Is Your Data Safe?: How to Store Passwords Safely

Use a Password Manager

The best way to store passwords is to use a password manager. This usually comes in the form of a browser extension and can save multiple passwords in encrypted (locked) form. This means if anyone tries to nab your password, they’ll fail since they can’t read the locked file.

Storing Passwords Offline

If you want a backup method, then you’re probably wondering about the best way to store passwords offline. Sometimes, the simplest things can be the most effective things.

Get Rid of Data Safely

By now, it should be apparent that you shouldn’t store your passwords (and other important credentials) in unencrypted form. But what if you’ve already done so?

Know How to Store Passwords Safely and Securely

Now you know how to store passwords safely and securely. Make sure that in addition to using encrypted files, you also change your passwords often. By doing so, it’ll make it much harder for hackers to guess your passwords.



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