How Does Mental Illness Affect Relationships?

Most Common Problems in Romantic Relationships

  • Emotions galore: on the one hand, there is a healthy partner who struggles with the social stigma placed upon their significant other — he’s the one that’s likely to explain their partner’s illness to other people. As well as become upset at the news and online posts that trivialize people with a mental health condition. On the other hand, the sick partner may feel ashamed of their condition. And feel like a giant burden on their lover. As time goes by, you can add frustration and disconnect to the mix, as people with mental conditions tend to shut in and cease to socialize with others. Also even spend time with their partners. These negative feelings can break even the strongest of bonds.
  • Physicality: antidepressants, as well as other medications prescribed to patients with mental illnesses, can significantly decrease one’s libido. This may add a physical component onto the long list of emotional strains. As the healthy partner may feel as if they’re pushing away. On the other hand, those who are sick often get anxious about their performance in bed. As well as feel tremendous guilt at not being sexually available to their loved one.
  • Codependency: although this relationship pattern is very prevalent in healthy couples, it becomes even more problematic when one of the partners has a mental health problem. As the affected person’s partner starts to derive their self-worth from their ability to provide care for their significant other. It further enables the mental illness and contributes to the mental deterioration.

What Can You Do to Cope With Your Partner’s Condition?

Final Thoughts



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