Finding Inspiration To Write Can Be Quite A Challenge — What Steps Can Be Taken To Stay Inspired?

Do you want to write and publish a book that will have a profound impact on the masses, but you are unable to get it done and feel like the whole universe is pulling you down? Are you looking for an inspirational wave or a trigger of motivation to get you started? Then you are reading the right article.

Writing anything from an eBook to a bestselling novel is a monumental task! Every artist, from a writer to a sculptor, however passionate, seeks inspiration to start and finish their work. Let us explore some creative and effective steps that you, as a writer, can take to stay inspired and get to publishing your book.

1. Clear Your Mind

Easier said than done. With so many things going on in our lives and around us in the world, it is just not easy to clear our minds off of everything and be at peace for some time?

Clearing your mind helps you get rid of a lot of stress and keeps you focused on your goal.

  • Listening to Music

Listen to some good music and cherish the sound of those beautiful instruments and meaningful lyrics. It will help you elevate your energy and motivate you to get your tasks done.

  • Meditate

Go outdoors on a pleasant day in a place with greenery, sit down and meditate for some time. The sheer calmness and the sounds of nature will enchant your mind with peaceful, positive vibes.

Meditation is very useful when you are stuck somewhere and do not know where to go from there. Under such circumstances, it is best to just let go of everything and let the ideas come to you naturally.

  • Get Active

Sometimes your brain slows down from exhaustion because you have just been locked up in a room and thinking too much. Let go of all the thoughts for a while and do some outdoor activity like going for a run, cycling or try any adventure sports that will refresh your whole body with dopamine and adrenaline. Simply put, sweat out the negativity!

2. Just Start Something

Writers often get demotivated to write because of their quest for perfection. They overthink their content so much and so many times that they never even begin to write. The truth is that motivation constantly builds up once you actively start writing your book.

This tip is particularly useful for first time or beginner writers. The truth is that you are never going to get your whole writing game perfect in the first attempt, and you will probably even not be able to frame the entire content at one go. You can also look online to find a useful article on how to write a good book.

So, if you have something in your mind to write about, then just start writing them down. You can worry about the structure, context, and anything else later. Because ideas do not come often and once you forget one, it is very difficult to remember it again if you do not have it noted down.

If you are one of those people who desperately want to write a book but do not know what, where, when, and how then what you need is some experience in the field of writing. Introspect and come up with things you have a good amount of knowledge in and share it with the world in the form of social media posts or blog articles. By doing so, you will get insights and constructive criticism from people all across the world on the internet, which you can use to improve yourself and improve your writing skills to use for your first book.

3. See the World

The finesse of your writing is a reflection of the quality of life you have seen up until that point.

If you have not seen much of the world and only prefer to stay put in your comfort zone, then your writing will not be relatable to people far and wide in the world. So, it is time for you to go out and explore the world.

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and go and a world tour to look for inspiration. Just going a bit further from your homely neighborhood or to another city or state for a few days can bring so many new experiences to you. This will greatly improve your life experience and, as a result, enrich your writing style.

Traveling to different places will open your eyes to different cultures and lifestyles. You will also find out about the hardships of others and realize how resourceful you may be compared to so many others. Such wholesome experiences hit you with a wave of inspiration to do more in life.

4. Be with Like-Minded People

The biggest uninspiring factor when it comes to any work is the feeling of loneliness. When we think it is only us who are doing a task that has not yielded anything fruitful yet, we question ourselves and our work. This is very dangerous for your career.

Of course, unlike many other professions, the chances are that your endeavor in writing your book is a solo pursuit. But it what you can certainly do it mingle with other writers on the same path.

Find communities of writers around your neighborhood, in and around the city, or even on the internet. With so much progress in technology and science, the world has become a smaller place and finding friends of similar mentality as you are now much easier than ever. The collective energy from people of the same community will keep you going!

5. Keep Reading

Being a writer is not just about writing or typing your own story, relentlessly. Books written by other writers and authors can also teach you a lot of things. A great and revered book will inspire you to also to give your best in every line you jot down.

Read books from different authors and of various genres. Expand your horizons to newer possibilities and experiences. You might even unknowingly discover something profound that can take your own writing to a whole new level.


These aforementioned steps would take you a long way in writing a good book. If you are ready to get started, then check out some of the best novel writing software that will help you organize your research, create an outline, develop characters, edit your manuscript, and help with publishing.

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A trending blog for the lifestyle and tech freaks

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