Dental Veneers in Singapore: Pros and Cons

If you don’t like your smile or the overall look of your teeth, you can opt to get veneers. Dental veneers are thin layers of custom-made porcelain, fit right over the front portion of your teeth.

Veneers mainly enhance overall appearance by masking imperfections like crooked, gapped, or discoloured teeth. But since they are also permanent, you’ll need to weigh in these pros and cons before getting them carefully.

Dental Designs a well known dental clinic in Singapore which is using CAD-CAM porcelain veneers for their patients will share their thoughts about the pros and cons of veneers in Singapore.

5 Pros of Veneers

1. Natural-looking

2. Improves Appearance and Restores Confidence

3. Durability and Stain Resistance

4. Replace Damaged Enamel

5. Easy Maintenance

Despite all these seemingly great things about dental veneers, there are several downsides to take into account.

5 Cons of Veneers

1. Costly

2. Permanence

3. Increased Teeth Sensitivity

4. Possibility of Damage

5. Your Natural Teeth Will Eventually Change Color

Veneers are simple and practical solutions to mask common dental flaws, but it’s always essential to deliberate on the pros and cons beforehand. Visiting your dentist after this to ask for advice is an excellent way to determine whether veneers are a fitting solution for you.

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