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Introduction: Bitcoin — Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, the currency that is hidden, secret, or not known to the public. It is a kind of digital currency that, created in 2009. Transactions are made online, from computer to computer or mobile phone. It has no physical existence. It is just a computer file stored in a computer having a link from person to person.

Who Introduced Bitcoins?

This is still unknown who has the idea behind it, but Satoshi Nakamoto is considered to associate with the people who released the original Bitcoin white paper in 2008. They started to develop bitcoin software, which introduced in 2009. Since then many people have a claim to be or considered as the actual people behind it.

How Does it Work?


How to Get Bitcoins?

  • By using actual money.
  • After selling things and receiving Bitcoins
  • Making transactions through a computer.

How to Open an Account and Make Transactions?

Installation of software

Is Investment in Bitcoins Useful or Risky?

One shade of opinion is that future is of digital currency, in their opinion, it is the fastest currency to move from one place to another. And also, has a low fee payment system for transactions across the globe. In case of fraud, no one can file a suit in court.

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