A Quick Guide to Setting Up Multiple Displays

General Considerations

Before taking any steps to get a multimonitor setup, you have to ask this question first: What is my computer’s graphics capability? You have to see this first.

Setting Up Two Monitors

In another PC Word article, Katherine Stevenson suggested easy steps to set up a dual-monitor computer system. After connecting the second monitor to a power outlet and computer port, you have to make some changes in your Windows setup.

Making Magic with Multiple Monitor Displays

Purewal suggested some practical steps in setting a multiple-monitor setup. She emphasized that the integrated system does not immediately work by simply turning on the PC after setting up the monitors and plugging them. First, you have to configure Windows with the same initial steps in a dual-monitor set-up, which is choosing Screen Resolution in Windows 7 or Windows 8 and Display Settings in Windows 10.



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