8 Types of Motorcycles to Differentiate From: Have You Decided on Your Favorite One?

8 Types of Bikes

  1. The standard bike — Statistically the most popular style of motorcycle available, the standard motorcycle is, well, standard. One feature of them that makes these bikes the favorite of so many people is that they are comfortable to ride on.
  1. Touring bikes — If you’re looking to make a statement, a touring motorcycle may be for you. These are extra-large bikes with all of the features that pack a punch. These bikes have the natural riding seats the standard bikes have as well as the forward footpegs, but they sit behind large front fairings that block the wind, a plus for those who tour around the country.
  1. Sport touring bikes — Where touring bikes are built for style and impact, sport touring bikes are built for performance. These motorcycles have tight fairings to reduce wind resistance. They also have stronger engines and tighter cornering for speedy turns.
  1. Scramblers — Even though these bikes and their counterparts, the Cafe Racers, are considered “standard,” they are very different from the classic motorcycles. Scramblers are best for off-road driving. They’ve got a distinct dirt-bike feel to them. Cafe Racers, on the other hand, are popular with those looking for a good racing bike. Both of these bikes are built as standards and then enhanced for their performance.
  2. Sportbikes — If speed is your priority, a sportbike is a way to go. These are in no way, shape, or form standard. They’re built purposely to enhance driver performance. They’re sleek, sexy, styling, and fast. With features like lower handlebars, rear-set footpegs, and high seats, the bike’s speed and agility combined with your expert driving can’t be beaten.
  1. Adventure bikes — Perfect for all-terrain travel and built for comfort and getting down and dirty, the adventure motorcycles have long-travel suspension and high handlebars to keep you from getting those long-hour discomforts. You can always up the luxury level on these, too, by adding features like GPS, satellite radio, heated handlebars, and comfortable seats.
  2. Cruiser bikes — Cruiser motorcycles are literally designed for people who enjoy cruising through life. Whether you’re a local biker or a highway rider, cruisers are good for you. Their design is built to draw attention to the bike, so you’ll find them offered in many bold styles.
  1. Dual Sport/Enduro bikes — Although it’s last on the list, these bikes come first when you’re looking for a dirt bike that you can drive on the road. Fast enough to keep up with off-road racing but agile enough to make tight turns quickly, the dual-sport or enduro is as close as you’re going to get to take your dirt bike on the highway. Because they’re built for riding on rough terrain, what they gain in performance they lack in comfort. Don’t purchase this bike if your goal is a nice comfy ride through the country.




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