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10 min readDec 18, 2019

Memes are becoming a trending part of our daily life, not a single social media user would be there, who would not come across memes that are not trending. They are an integral part of our dull and boring life. Memes have been in trend worldwide and India is no exception to this viral fever of memes.

We have made a comprehensive list of trending memes in India for 2019.

Trending Memes of January 2019

Gully Boy

Released in the starting of the year, Ranveer singh and Alia Bhatt starrer gully boy was not only loved by the people as a movie but was also loved by the memers all over.

Gully boy memes
Mar Jayega Tu


Being released at a time where people were feeling patriotic, this movie was also well used for making memes. How’s the josh? High sir!, was most probably the most used phrase for several months.

URI memes

Trending Memes of February 2019

Chal Jootha

Akshay Kumar starer Kesari was another movie on this list to make you laugh through the trending memes. This was not the only Indian meme of Akshay Kumar to trend.

Chal Joothaa
Chal Jootha

Memes on Budget

Budget is always the most important topic in the month of February and the memers obviously made it essential to make people smile in a way you wouldn’t have imagined. Whether you liked the budget or not, you will surely love its memes.

Budget 2019 Memes
Budget 20119 Memes

Trending Memes of March 2019

Oye Piche to Dekho

This little boy from Pakistan, named Ahmed Shah gave a tough competition to Taimur Ali Khan. This video was seen by anyone who uses the social media even for the least of time. That makes it certain trending memes in India relating to this is no shock.

Peeche to dekho
Peeche To Dekho

Ashwin’s Mankad

This match of RRvKXIP erupted the memes of Ashwin mankading Jos Butler and made the whole internet laugh.

Ashwin makaded memes
Ashwin Mankad

Trending Memes of April 2019

Pooja what is this behaviour

Bigboss season 5 gave us a wonderful meme which was resurfaced in april. Thanks to the internet, in no time the memes went viral.

Pooja What Is This Behaviour

I named my cat Pooja so I can keep yelling Pooja what is this behavior everytime it does something.

Depressed Daya

CID has been part of the indian television industry for years and made people happy, and even after the completion of the serial it still gave people happiness in the form of meme.

Depressed daya
Depressed Daya

Endgame memes

The most anticipated movie ended with breaking our hearts and leaving us all sad. (You know why). But the meme community did not let the sadness take over the world and made us laugh with the Endgame memes.

End Game Meme
Endgame Meme

Thor and Daenerys memes

Son of Odin and Mother of dragons, a crossover no one ever thought about had its own meme with both the characters giving the same vibe through their expressions.

Thor memes
Thor Meme

Ah shit here we again!

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas a 2004 released game,which is played by almost every millennial entered the meme game in 2019. Its opening scene landed as a meme making everyone nostalgic.

Ah shit here we go again
Ah shit here we go again

Trending Memes of May 2019

JCB Ki khudai- Why jcb memes are trending in India

This meme came out of nowhere and hit people’s phone, the search term Why jcb memes are trending in India was more searched due to which it got more viral. Probably JCB manufacturer got lots of free marketing due to this viral meme.

JCM Memes

Abhishek Upamanyu Stand Up

Standup comedy is already rich source of comedy (DUH!) and his stand up one liners went viral.

Trending meme - Abhishek Upamanyu
Job Chodd du

Me Explaining to My Mom

This hilarious meme is relatable to everyone and got famous at great speed.

Me Explaining Mom
Me explaining mom meme

Game Of Thrones Season 8

The Highest rated show on IMDB ended on a very low note as fans hated the last season but they absolutely loved them memes.

GOT Trending Memes In India
Jon Snow meme

Trending Memes of June 2019

Disappointed Pakistani Cricket Fan

Even though the match of Aus vs Pak in CWC2019 did not go well for the fans of Pakistan, Muhammad Sarim Akhtar was angry due to misfielding done by the pakistani player and his expressions were the perfect reflection of every Pakistan cricket fans, this meme was well received by everyone.

Disappointed Pakistani Fan
Disappointed Pakistani Fan

Hera Pheri-Phir Hera Pheri Memes

This age-old evergreen comedy movie was funny in every aspect and all the one-liners by the actors of the movie got viral in a meme form after 19 years of being released.

Hera Pheri meme
Hera Pheri

Angry Pakistani cricket fan- Pizza Burger guy

After a very bad performance by the Pakistan cricket team, this guy had outburst during interview, being angry and disappointed after the players were out at the previous night eating pizza and burgers rather than being healthy and maintaining discipline, this outburst surely gave us a very good meme content.

Maaro mujhe maaro

Virat kohli memes

The month of June gave us many trending memes in India as the ICC CWC 2019 was going on, India’s very own skipper also contributed to the meme community.

Virat Kohli Meme

Sarfraz Ahmed yawning

Pakistan cricket players were blessing for the meme community, even though there bad performance and unhealthy diet were highly criticized by the people, there memes received lots of praise. One such instance is the skipper Sarfraz Ahemd yawning on the ground while wicket keeping.

Yawning meme
Sarfaraz Ahmed meme

Trending Memes of July 2019

Yuzvendra chahal

Yuzvendra chahal not only knows how to impress people with his bowling, but also off the field, by just sitting near the boundary he was the talk of the town after the completion of the match.

Yuzvendra Chahal
Yuzvendra Chahal 6

Hidustani Bhau

He makes the most controversial short videos with explicit language used by him to convey his thoughts on matters relating to Indo-Pak. One of such short videos created a spark amongst the meme community.

Hindustani Bhau2
Hindustani Bhau- Trending memes India

Mature Bag

What does it take to look cool? Expensive merchandise? Good looks?the answer is NOTA, all you need is this mature bag. Well at least according to this viral video on tiktok made by a kid from Gujarat.

Mature Bag
Trending memes in india

Stranger Things 3

The third season of stranger things did not just brought the demogorgons to us but a very healthy dose of memes for people to enjoy. Cannot wait for the next season to know what Joyce Byers has to care about.

Stranger Things 2
Stranger Things

Trending Memes of August 2019

Sacred Games 3

The netflix original series- Sacred Games 3 gave us too many one liners that have been used by the meme makers to make great memes. Iske memes chand pe hai!

Sacred Games 2
Sacred Games

Paragliding guy

This video shows how anyone with basic excitement and fear would feel while if he paraglides for the first time. This meme was trending in India along with its original video. Though the guy was scared, his comments made everyone laugh.

Mai Madarchod Hu Meme 8 768x930
Mai Madarchod Hu Meme 2 768x851

Trending Memes of September 2019

Family man

Family man the amazon prime original series, was surely dramatic with its own ups and downs but its meme was surely one of the trending meme in India.

family man
Family Man

Storming at Area 51 Memes

Area 51 situated in Nevada has many conspiracy theories, one of them being that aliens are kept by the United States Of America, so a event was created to storm the area 51 they cant stop us all and the rest is history.

area 51

Trending Memes of October 2019


This movie was able to break all the records on box office and didnt just stop there, along with it, it was also able to break the internet through its memes.


Women yelling at a cat

This meme is crossover of two separate images wonderfully fused into one which created a very applaudable content.

Cat Meme
Woman Cat

People before — Inventions

Inventions and discoveries have been constantly added in the history of humans, this meme has also been added as one of the trending memes in India, comparing what people did before invention and currently.

Pepole before Inventions
People Before Inventions

Trending Memes of November 2019

Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda of The Mandalorian definitely dethroned Baby Groot from the cutest character on internet. This is the smallest cutetest character seen by the internet and its images made the internet go crazy!

Baby Yoda
BAby Yoda2

Gonna tell my kids

Gonna tell my kids this is the best website of our generation. You got the idea of how this meme works.

Gonna Tell My Kids (1)
Gonna Tell My Kids

Trending Memes of December 2019

Banana Art

What would be the cost of a banana that was duct taped to a wall? Well, it was $120000. It was astonishingly sold worth $120000, this was obviously invitation to meme creator to create memes on it.

Banana Art

Yes to all

The viral meme is in reference to a Windows XP dialogue box which used to appear on computer screens years ago and asked users to choose one option from ‘Yes, Yes to All, No and Cancel’.

Yes To All V
Yes To All

Tell us your favourite meme from the above list, in the comments down below.

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