6 Prayer Tips You Can Use During Uncertain Times

What is the best way to pray? Is there one specific answer to this question? Does everyone pray the same?

During uncertain times, you might find yourself wanting to know how to start praying or wanting to pray more often. Pray is a good way to get yourself through difficult times. Turning to prayer will not only help you find the answers you seek, but it can also put you in the right mindset to tackle any challenges ahead as well.

In the guide below, you’ll discover a few prayer tips to help you get started praying or help you improve your current prayer system. continue reading to learn the best way to pray for you!

1. Address Who You’re Speaking to

The majority of times you pray, however, you most likely pray to God or Jesus. No matter whom you’re praying to, be sure to address them. This helps you create a more personal relationship with them.

Each time you pray to someone specific, address them by their name and make it more of a conversation because that’s exactly what it is.

2. Don’t Shy From Saying What You Need

This could be due to forgetting to pray or not wanting to bother God with problems. This is why he’s here and available to you, however. If something is needed, then ask.

You should never feel as though you need to hesitate to pray to God and ask for help, guidance, or something else.

3. Offer Thanks/Gratitude and Ask for Forgiveness

If needed, try to make a list of all the things you’re grateful for before starting your prayer. When you have a list in front of you, you won’t have to think as much about what you want to say. When ending your prayer, you can offer your thanks a second time.

Think about all of the answered prayers in the past, the miracles you’ve witnessed, and all of those tough situations you were able to overcome. The more thanks you give, the stronger your bond with and faith in God will become.

4. Pray With Others

If you struggle with remembering to pray on a daily basis, then praying with other people can make you more accountable. For example, set up a time and place where you and your friend want to meet up to pray. Each day or week (if more realistic) be sure to show up and pray.

If you live with family members, then this is something you can easily do together each night before supper or bedtime. Once it becomes a routine, everyone will expect to get together for family prayer time.

5. Write Down Notes

Write down a few notes during the day on what you want to pray about. You can do this each and every day. Keeping a prayer journal is a great way to keep on top of your prayers.

You should also write down what comes to mind while praying. Is there something you felt while speaking to God? Was there something God has instructed you to do or advice God gave that you want to remember?

Keeping a prayer journal is the best way to remember what you want to speak about during your prayer and what came out of your prayer as well.

6. Make It a Daily Routine

Make prayer a part of your daily routine by creating a place and time for your prayers. Find a place where you feel comfortable and safe. It should also be a place you have access to on a daily basis without having to go out of your way.

This will make it more convenient for you. Praying at the same time each day will help make it more of a routine for you, making it easier to remember.

When You’re Feeling Lost, Use These Prayer Tips

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