5 Tips for Running a Tech Startup Like a True Leader

Tech startups can live or die by the leaders who launch them. As such, it’s critical that if you’re an entrepreneur creating your own startup that you fully understand how to lead others. While a great idea will attract investors and even customers, without true leadership skills, any business will struggle to stay afloat long.

That being said, not everyone has the time or energy to go get their MBA if they’re planning on starting their own tech company. There’s a lot you can learn on the job, but it’s important that you do have a solid foundation of leadership skills when it comes to launching your tech startup. Here are five tips to keep in mind as you work to transition from innovator or disruptor to true leader.

Don’t make reactionary business decisions.

This ethos is perhaps best encapsulated by the business executive Mark Wiseman, who’s made a considerable name for himself as an investor. When Wiseman was involved with the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board, he needed to ensure that the pension fund was going to fit with the strategic priorities of all employees in perpetuity. That’s why he made long-term investments that were safe and consistent, rather than looking for flashy ways to increase employees’ pensions dramatically overnight. Thinking about a longer time frame is critical regardless of your business endeavor, so be sure to learn from Wiseman and think well into the future as a leader of a startup.

Find a framework for achieving your goals.

Work Board, which is built on the OKR framework, is one such solution that many startups have found success with. OKR stands for objectives and key results, and can help you align your teams on a quarterly basis by clearly identifying what you are looking to achieve and what success looks like once that goal has been reached. OKRs are also useful for performance reviews, so true leaders would do well to investigate this strategic way of thinking.

Listen to your customers.

Encourage professional development.

Be generous.

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