5 Most Common Places Slip and Trip Accidents Occur

1. Supermarkets

Whether you’re dashing in for something you forgot on your last visit, or you’re taking your time and ticking things off your grocery list, supermarkets are often busy, bustling places where people come and go. They’re also one of the most common locations for slip and fall cases. Why? Products being spilled and not cleaned up correctly, water leaks from freezers and fridges, squashed produce creating slippery surfaces and failing to alert customers to the dangers are just some of the reasons behind supermarket slips.

2. Hotels

That beautifully shiny and high glossed foyer is beautiful, but it can also be deadly. Slipping in the bar area due to spilled liquids, tripping over cleaning equipment or other people’s luggage, tripping over the torn carpet in the lounge or even falling down the stairs due to a faulty handrail. If you’re visiting a hotel and an accident occurs, make sure you tell a member of staff immediately, seek medical help and reach out to a personal injury lawyer.

3. Parking Lots

Parking lots can be dangerous places, not just because of the presence of moving vehicles but due to potholes, the risk of slipping on fuel or oil slicks, and even poor lighting making it difficult to see kerbs and other trip hazards.

4. Sidewalks

Walking home from work or running for the bus, tripping over on the sidewalk straight onto hard concrete is excoriatingly painful. Cracks, holes and uneven paving can make sidewalks treacherous and incredibly dangerous.

5. Restaurants

Much like malls and grocery stores, restaurants often have wet slippery floors due to spillages, they can also have uneven flooring, carpets and rugs that are trip hazards, poor lighting and even cables and wires running along the floor.



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