5 Graphic Design Trends to Move Your Designs to A New Level 2020

1. Design trends explained

2. Top five design trends

2.1 Collages

2.2 Colour alterations

2.2.1 Earth tone colours

2.2.2 Gradients

2.2.3 Go mono

2.2.4 Vibrant colours

2.3 3D & motion graphics

2.3.1 3D motion

2.3.2 3D typography

2.3.3 Abstract 3D shapes

2.3.4 3D isometric design

2.4 Patterns and textures

  • Seamless patterns (flowing and soothing effect, with the hint of intrigue added)
  • Repeated patterns (style and moderation)
  • Geometric shapes patterns (just breathtaking when trying to trace the whole picture out of those shapes)
  • Natural textures (gentle and dreamy)
  • Paper and photography textures (the vintage atmosphere is guaranteed)
  • Vector patterns (the discipline that makes a statement)
  • “Impossible” textures (think gold pouring down from the water bottle)

2.5 Virtual and Augmented Reality

3. Things to keep in designer’s mind

4. Always on the watch




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A trending blog for the lifestyle and tech freaks

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