40 Trending Hashtag on Tiktok — 2020

Hashtags play a very vital role in any social media, and Tiktok is no different. You can increase the number of likes, followers and also the views on your videos. Trending hashtags of TikTok are essential to stay updated about it as by knowing what is trending on TikTok, you can make such a video if you want to be along with all the other tiktokers. In this article, we will tell you about all the trending hashtags on Tiktok. This article is created for trending hashtags on tiktok in no particular order.

In this video, the face is zoomed in and tracked, and the TikToker makes funny faces along with the beats.

@nagmaawhich was the cutest expression? 1,2,3 or 4 ? #tiktoktraditions #atrangz♬ Bagaikan Langit(cover) — _ucil

In this trending TikTok, the Tiktoker makes a funny video of our school days, which can be relatable to everyone who was once a student or is a student.

@abhijeetkainEver faced this ?#kainfam #comedy #studentsbelike tiktok tiktok_india♬ original sound — Abhijeet Kain ♥️

Want to walk in swag? While someone is recording you with background music playing? Well, this hashtag is for you, tiktoker.

@niharikatiwari21#trending #fyp #foryou #loveyouall wait wait wait ♬ original sound — shrutika

Are you a cricket enthusiast? Want people to learn more about cricket? Create your video and head over by inserting this hashtag in your TikTok video and flaunt your cricketing skills.

@lakhanarjunrawatJoin #cricketclassroom for various tips and tutorials of cricket.♬ original sound — Lakhan Arjun Rawat

A funny Tiktok hashtag where two people in the frame laugh out loud in front of each other until one of the people breaks down to a burst of psychotic laughter, scaring the other person off.

@theshilpashettyPati Dareshwar! therajkundra #shilpakaraj #patipatni #comedy #laughter♬ original sound — Sagar Diwan

This old song is recently a hit and trending on TikTok, where beat by beat the TikToker changes clothes showing off their beauty on screen. Hmm, I wonder where I have seen this kind of video before.

@drishtithakur_4#danceAwesome #drishtithakur #tiktok #smiledekedekho #edutok♬ original sound — Krishna Mayatra

Generally, two girls walk when a guy comes and takes the girl he loves in the opposite direction in slow motion.

@tanyachauhan07ye kaun takraya #SmileDekeDekho #foryoupage #viral ankit_lly1♬ Ik Ucha Lamba Kadd — Shivam Grover

TikTokers in these videos shares why they feel great to be Indian in their mother tongue. How great is that? Tiktok bringing every Indian together on days important to the nation.

@awezdarbar#HappyRepublicDay fam ❤️ #DeshKiBhasha #Atrangz #InspiredConcept ♬ original sound — Awez Darbar

In this music video, the person dances on the preset emoji, which is trending, but the twist is, you have to dance with your fingers as emojis are all hand emojis.

@awezdarbarSpot that one person who made a mistake #Atrangz #MyBlooper♬ Lalala — İlkan Gunuc Remix — danilla_carvalho

This trending Tiktok hashtag on the list is the most common and famous one, where, as the name suggests, there is a duet in the video. Many famous collaborations can be seen using this hashtag.

@thunthunskittlesThis is next level TALENT this is MAGIC #duet with fafaflore #react♬ 原聲 — fafaflore

How-to videos are basically tutorial videos on HOW TO do something. There is a huge variety of things you can do and can come across many things that you may not have otherwise seen anywhere.

@sampepperDuet me if you try this. Thanks hanridge for the hands #smoke #magic #trick #howto♬ Dissolve — Absofacto

Can you walk? Do you have friends? This trend of Tiktok is for you. Record yourself and your friends walking one after another in a line in a different manner from each other.

@djbravo47#walkchallenge sameeksha_sud bhavin_333 vishalpandey_21 faby_makeupartist♬ Walk Challenge — melvyn_luxe

The most obvious hashtag on the list with over 275 billion views in total, you would want to use this hashtag if you plan to start a new trend on TikTok or your video is related to trending.

@samuelgrubbsTHIS NEW TREND IS WILD #viral #trend #trending #foryou #fyp #foryoupage #lol #friends #funny #meme #food #haha♬ original sound — samuelgrubbs

If you are an Indian Tiktoker looking for more views and likes and followers, you may want to use this Trending hashtag on TikTok so that you get to the appropriate targeted audience.

@pj_3132Don’t Weste Food avi_panchal111 #food #respect #savefood #tiktokindia #foryou #foryoupage #vr1♬ original sound — PJ

This one is dedicated to the Bollywood heads all over, who love to enact the famous Bollywood songs or dialogues and reinvent the scene. Go ahead and make a video about your favorite Bollywood star on this TikTok hashtag.

@avneetkaur_13Ek Aur do kitne?♥️ chalo duet banao ispe ♥️ #duetwithavneet #comedy #funny #bollywood♬ original sound — sp_jackko

If you like to play pranks, this should be your go-to hashtag for TikTok. This hashtag is filled with playful pranks that you will love to watch and also make new ones.

@mackenziesolThis almost didn’t work #foryou #fyp #prank #lol♬ Colors — 스텔라장 (Stella Jang)

If you are into making slow-motion videos and want to increase your fanbase and reach, this probably is the best hashtag suitable for you.

@gabby_murrayysassy gabby’s back! #Gabsters #slomo #sasswars♬ Talk — glacialmelodies

Here are more Trending Hashtags for TikTok that you can use to be popular

18. #acting

19. #comedy

20. #funny

21. #relationship

22. #education

23. #music

24. #viral

25. #motivationalvideo

26. #fitness

27. #gym

28. #workout

29. #foodrecipe

30. #5mincraft

31. #beautyblogger

32. #artist

33. #DIY

34. #foryou

35. #featureme

36. #foryoupage

37. #Pubg

38. #justforfun

39. #couplegoals

40. #petlover

This is not all the hashtags you can use, you can even create your own creative hashtag and use it to go viral on the new sensational social media that is growing very rapidly. Use more trending hashtags on TikTok and go viral.

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