22 Indian Bakers Share Trends in Baking from Home — Post Lockdown

Lockdown brought us closer to our family that we were craving for a long time, working from home laying on a long couch was just a dream for many that became reality similarly having snacks while on a meeting or giving your final exam was beyond our thoughts.

But the thing that we missed the most was having delicious food at restaurants & hanging out with close friends and some enemies as well.

Most interesting twist during this whole pandemic and corona was the hidden talents that popped up from all over the world some tried their hands on music, and some tried to dance, some became fitness freak and some were enjoying putting on calories and enjoying their liberty to live between four walls.

Most important and popular talent that social media and families witnessed was the hidden chef talent of thousands of people. Social media with trending Instagram hashtags is still filled with mouth watering dishes, trending page with home made dishes.
This was the time where hidden chefs stole the show & built their own trends.

Thinking about food is just incomplete without baked dishes, you know it. During the initial days of lockdown, baked dishes were one of the most missing elements from various plates until some top Indian bakers folded their cuffs and tried their hands on a new era of baked dishes.

We have featured some bakers which made a difference with their exceptional ideas to bring a new trend to baking from home. Let’s get to know them even better.

  • Bhawna Mehta
  • Jatin Sharma
  • Shimoli Mehta
  • Taslim Memon
  • Ayush Chudiwala
  • Anshika Mishra
  • Simi Kohli
  • Pankti Patel
  • Chahat Anand
  • Bhanuja Batra
  • Suparna Banerjee
  • Making Mug Cakes and brownies to satisfy those quick and midnight cravings.
  • It was amazing to see people making some delectable biscuit cakes with Parle-G, Oreo, Marie and so on. Even I tried it but that much before the lockdown.
  • Baking bread especially a Banana Bread has also been trending which is easy and healthy and can be customised a bit with a few additions too.
  • Trying a hand to bake small chocolate lava cakes and cupcakes have also been noticed by us.
  • Manushi Kapadia
  • Priya Taparia
  • Easy, One-Bowl,hassle-free and No-Fail healthy cake recipe with easily available pantry ingredients. Made with wheat flour & jaggery option to make it sugar-free, eggless & no baking powder needed to bake the cake(as it was not available in the market during lockdown).
  • My “2 mins easy healthy frosting” was also a hit as it was hassle-free, made with easily available pantry ingredients & people could decorate the cake for birthdays, special celebrations during the lockdown for their loved ones and eat it guilt-free.
  • Vallari Parikh
  • Sakshi Achar
  • Ranjana Dahiya
  • Nikita Kheskani
  • 1 tbsp of flax seeds + 3 tbsp of water= 1 egg (cookies and healthy loaf cakes).
  • Yogurt (1/4th cup) + oil (2 tbsp) + hot water (2 tbsp) = 1 egg (cupcakes and cakes).
  • 1/4 cup milkmaid = 1 egg (brownies).
  • 1 tbsp chia seeds + 3 tbsp of water =1 egg (cookies and healthy loaf cakes).
  • 1/4 cup of buttermilk= 1 egg (cakes and cupcakes).
  • Jenny Kundadiya
  • Tanisha Rana
  • Shweta Bhadauria
  • Reshu Drolia
  • Bikram Singh

Baking seems to be a forgotten joy that many people tend to disregard. Although it might seem too much of an effort, but the real art of baking gradually turns us into thoughtful and gracious people. Baking afterall, gives you an opportunity to be more cognizant of what you put into your body on a daily basis. But, is it just not amazing to understand that there are so many dishes that have been explored and are yet to be explored through the art of baking?

The precision needed while baking, eventually reflects in every other dish we cook. Once we jump over the fact that baking is not only about biscuits and flour, we will be more thankful of how things have arrived on our plate!

Isn’t it amazing how a single cooking technique can discover so many dishes? Cake doesn’t only contain biscuits or flour but also the love and cherishable moments. Melting cheese inside the oven can put an extra inch of smile on so many faces!

Hats off to all the bakers to bring a smile on our faces.

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