13 First Date Outfit Ideas for Women (with Photos!)

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8 min readApr 8, 2020
Date Dress Ideas For Girls
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So he messaged you confirming your date. You are excited to look attractive and beautiful at the same time. Do you want to make the beautiful first impression? O My. What dress should I wear for my first date?

There is plenty of choice..I am confused?

If this sounds like you, I am going to make things super-easy for you by the time you’re done reading my Magical Ideas. I read fashion magazines and asked professionals to find out the best attractive dress for the first date.

See this new and interesting ideas that actually helps. Your Dress impresses before you do on your first date.

I will be sharing FAQ’s with you at the end.

And I’ll also tell you about my friend’s personal dating experience after following these tips.

Go Through My 13 Trending Ideas on What to Wear on a First Date:


1. Wearing Vintage Tee with High Waisted Jeans

Do you own a cool vintage tee? Even if you don’t, you could always steal one from your brother’s wardrobe. Pair it up with high waisted jeans and some killer boots. Or just heels. This comfy outfit looks great on everyone.

Vintage Tee- High Waisted Jeans- Date Dress Idea

(Choose your favorite shirt girl, yes, the one which everybody complimented you on )

2. Simple Skirt with Camisole for a Teenage Girl

A simple skirt that fits your body nicely with a matching camisole can create a chic look. You can also use some edgy shoes to spice up this look. Remember one thing. You don’t want to look overdone. So try sticking with a minimal yet cute outfit as much as you can.

Simple Skirt with Camisole- Date idea Girls
Source : camimade.com

3. Midi Dress with Sneakers for a Date

This outfit is the lowest maintenance on this list. Despite being simple, this outfit will win you plenty of compliments. Pick a fun, bright midi dress with a subtle print on it. Pair it up with your favorite sneakers, and you are good to go. This is totally dope if you are petite.

Midi Dress with Sneakers- Girl Date Dress Idea
Source: thecitygirlsguide.com

4. Dressy Blouse with Relaxed Jeans

Wear jeans that you feel most comfortable in and pair them with a silk or velvet top. You can add a touch of elegance to the outfit with a pair of low heels. This is both a laid back and a chic look. It will help you create a heart-stealing first impression. 7 ways to look more attractive

Dressy Blouse with Relaxed Jeans- Date dress idea girls
Source: amazon.com

5. Wearing Jeans Shorts with Silk Cami on a Date

If it’s too hot to wear jeans, then opt for denim shorts or maybe a skirt. Pair it up with a silk cami to add some elegance to the look on your first date. A pair of low heeled mules work perfectly for this outfit. This chic summer-y outfit loved by teenagers will make you feel at ease throughout your date.

Wearing Jeans Shorts with Silk Cami on a Date-
Source: terumah.ca

6. Full sleeved high-necked solid black top.

You would kill with this top when it is paired with dark blue or black jeans. It gives you comfort and fashion in the same place. It is perfect as it does not show you are trying too hard or trying to be too easy.

You will look impressive and perfect with this look especially in your night date.

Personally, I love this dress.

Full sleeved high-necked solid black top- Date Dress Idea girls
Source: amazon.com

7. White sneakers with rose white watch.

This is an interesting combination which is the perfect casual touch which many celebs and models go after. If preferred, you can go for a salmon pink wristwatch.

Going for a low heeled printed sandals or favorite sandal is equally recommended.

Date Dress Shoes- Sneakers
Source: jetsetter.com


8. Our accessories, Our expression.

Your favorite ring or purse may bring all about you. Our accessories play a vital role about us. Most guys won’t notice but those little things get the deep confidence to shine out of us. Prefer favoritism over anything.

Date Dress Idea- Accessories
Source: valentimatchmaking.com



9. Hair rules your look; Builds the impression.

Subconsciously, the first thing that a guy notices about a girl is her hair. They may say otherwise but that is the truth. Playing with layers and messy buns for curly hair are great options to try if you’re not a short hair person. Take your time and get the best hairstyle.

4 Hair Care Tips You Must Know

Hair Color - Dress Date Idea
Source: femina.in

Choose awesome hair color which people have complimented you on.


10. Makeup and Natural Look on the First Date.

Let not your makeup hide you but make you comfortable and still look gorgeous keeping it simple for your first date. I do facials and little hair coloring before hand. It is recommended to go for a shade lighter than your skin tone, it will really open up your eye.

Little blush and a shade of your preferred lipstick to get your perfect texture. You can totally add more to it.

Date Dress Idea- Makeup
Source: femina.in


11. Fashion up your Jewelry.

Necklace, earrings, etc. that match with the clothes you choose can complete you and will be the icing on the cake. Simple yet elegant jewels which are not showy are recommended.

You can go for something special to you or which has some sentimental value. Little trendy, little shiny and little personal to you.

Date Dress Idea- Jewels
Source: aliexpress.com


12. Body shape and dress go hand in hand.

There are over a dozen different body shapes for women.

Each body shape is beautifully unique and defines you. Once you know your body shape, you will be able to understand your perfect fit of clothes.

And those who think they are fat, remember there is no body shape as fat, it’s a chubby diamond body shape. Learn more about Female Body Shapes

Prefer darker pants over lighter ones as darker pants makes you look attractive and sexy. By statistics.

Body shape- Date Dress Idea
Source: metdaan.com


13. Alter the dress, if necessary.

Many girls lose a lot of opportunity on the table as they are missing out a lot. Your ready made clothes are awesome but designers make one size fit all kinds of clothes.

Going to a tailor to get clothes altered according to our size was the best thing that happened to me.

Date Dress idea- Tailoring
Source: fashiongonerogue.com


All women tend to go through the stress of looking perfect on a first date. Whatever outfit you choose, never forget to be true to yourself and stay confident.

With all the best preparation, still everything will seem to go south. Be prepared and have a backup in your purse. Don’t forget the little wipes. Always helps.

Listening to happy music before meeting him will lighten your mood and allow you to be in your best version. Confidence is the best accessory women can wear. Any of the outfit ideas above will help you look your best on a first date. Happy dating!


  • Q- Can I wear shorts?
  • Ya girl, if that is what you like and truly represents you. If you dont want the stares, I have seen my friends wearing an overcoat till they reach the spot. Once inside, they remove the overcoat.
  • Q- I am not able to find a dress for my date.
  • If you are going to meet your celebrity crush, what will you wear? Choose and eliminate accordingly. You will end up with your best dress. Ask your girlfriends and find out on which dress do they compliment you. Extremely helpful!!
  • Q- What a girl should carry in her bag?
  • A makeup kit containing some basics like an eyeliner, hair pins and lipstick. Some tissues, a few breath mints and chocolate. Ya I love chocolates and I treat myself when I am hungry. And most importantly safety pins for emergency.

Shaking Things Up: How to Give Yourself a Complete Makeover

  • Q- What color dress to wear on my date?
  • Prefer black, red, blue. Also rose-white or pink are great options to try. Prefer according to which suits your skin tone.

My Friends Personal Dating Experience

This is my friend speaking:

After a fair chunk of dates that I have been through I really narrowed my 6 date dress-ups that always seemed to work on my first date. The better you look the more confidence you emit.

I would like to share how my friend (that’s me) helped me go from being nervous to being the beam of confidence. As you already know, it really does matter what a girl wears whenever she goes out to make herself feel good, especially on a date.

Make sure you don’t ruin your date because of an outfit.

“Elegance is not standing out, but being remembered.”

-Giorgio Armani-

My friend shared this quotation with me. I want to be remembered by someone whenever I go out on a date with them for the first time. It takes me (literally me) to create that lasting impression.

But my friend told me that before myself, what I am wearing comes first. He was with me throughout my getting ready part and helped me. Once I believed in myself I was being confident.

I was fully comfortable the whole time during my date. I killed it.

First dates are always very exciting. But it’s really hectic when it comes to deciding what to wear. This is a dilemma we all face. The pressure to dress to impress can get on our nerves as it got mine.

YOU want to create a long-lasting first impression, and that makes deciding what to wear a little trickier. Just take a deep breath and choose.

Happy Choosing. Happy Dating.

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